What Mobile Phone to Buy 2017? A great Christmas gift for yourself as well as for others is a new smartphone. This year, most major players have come up with one or more great products.  Such as, Apple, Samsung, and even Nokia. They all have great phones, with great functionality and incredible improvements over the previous models.

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What Mobile Phone to Buy 2017?

We want to help you purchase the right mobile phone to buy 2017.  The numbers below, will forward your call to customer services for only 7p a minute, plus your network connection charge.

We can forward your call to Apple customer services on – 0844 318 5842

One option is to let us forward your call to O2 customer services on – 0844 318 6510

We can forward your call to EE customer services on – 0844 318 3625

Let us forward your call to Vodafone customer services on – 0845 459 9012

You can purchase phones from Amazon – Call their sales on – 0845 459 6217

 iPhone X

This is the hottest smartphone released this autumn as it completely revolutionises the way we think about an iPhone. It has dramatic changes in its design and functionality. The most impressive change is the all-screen design and the disappearance of the home button. The smartphone uses Face ID to open which can betricky at times.

It has a 2.8 inches Super Retina OLED display.   It is powered by the best chip an iPhone can have: A11 Bionic, M11 co-processor. Its front camera captures 7Mp photos and 1080p videos.  The rear camera captures 12Mp wide-angle photos and 4k videos at 24/30/60 fps.

Its front and back are both made of durable glass and that means you need to get a case and Apple Care Plus.
If you like change, the new iPhone X can be the best smartphone you can buy this Christmas. However, due to the unexpectedly high demand, the iPhone X deliveries have been delayed and there’s a chance you won’t get it in time for Christmas.

iPhone 8

It is one of the three new smartphones that Apple announced in September, together with iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. The model doesn’t have any of the sensational changes in design the iPhone X has but has mainly the same specs and still looks like the iPhones you are used to. It is a great choice of Phone to Buy 2017.

The difference is in the biometric security, as this model still uses Touch ID to unlock and the display size. Although the standard version of the iPhone 8 only has a 4.7 inches display, the Plus model has a much bigger 5.5 inches display. Thus, if you want a bigger screen but are not comfortable with the changes iPhone X brings to the design, you have an option that is perfect for you.

The iPhone 8 doesn’t have the same availability issue as its sibling and it is available for immediate purchase both from Apple and most carriers: Vodafone, O2, EE, and others.

Samsung Galaxy S8

If you’re a fan of Android, Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best phone you can currently buy. This years Galaxy S8 smartphone is the latest model in the Galaxy S series.  The Galaxy series of phones are always a good choice of phone to buy 2017.  Just call up your phone provider and ask them what is the latest phone in the series.

We can forward your call to O2 customer services on – 0844 318 6510

We can forward your call to EE customer services on – 0844 318 3625

Let us forward your call to Vodafone customer services on – 0845 459 9012

The smartphone is powered by an Octa-core, 64 bit, 10 nm processor and 4GB RAM. The internal 64GB storage is extendable with a Micro SD memory card. The smartphone has an 8Mp front camera and a 12Mp back camera that can capture UHD videos.

The standard version has a 5.8 inches display but for the people who love a huge screen, there is also the Galaxy S8+ that has a 6.2 inches display. The other difference between standard and plus is that the latter has a bigger battery.

Nokia 8

Who doesn’t remember the time when Nokia was the king of mobile phones? Some people thought the brand disappeared forever but this October they came up with a new, powerful, modern smartphone that uses Android Nougat as its OS. However, watch out for the Android 8!  Want to know the latest Nokia phone to buy 2017?  Call your preferred network for their cheapest phone contract or pay and go deal.

The smartphone is very powerful for a 2017 release: it has an Octa-core 2.5 GHz processor, 6 GB RAM and 128 internal storage that can be extended with external memory. It has two excellent cameras, both 13MP that take 2160p@30fps. It’s 5.3 inches, multitouch display is about as good as it gets.

Where can I get a cheap contract for a mobile phone?

Getting a new high-end phone is great, but you also need to think about the best possible contract so you don’t have to pay too much both up-front or on a monthly base.

Most of the carriers offer good contracts for the most wanted smartphones, including Vodafone, EE, and O2. What makes a difference is the data included in the plan that can vary from as little as 4GB to 100 GB.

Besides the money, you pay let us consider the extras. For example, for every Samsung 8 with a plan from O2, you get a free screen replacement in case it breaks and 10 GB extra data.