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Amazon Phone Number for Customer Services

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About Amazon

Amazon is the most successful online retailer in the world.  The prices are competitive and the customer experience is simple and fast.  Amazon offers a premium service, called Amazon Prime.  Which, gives a number of benefits, including free delivery, faster delivery, music, audiobooks and much more.

Amazon Services

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Customer Services

Customer service plays a key role in a company’s ability to increase income and revenue. So, it is included as part of an approach to systematic and constant improvement. Perfect service can change the whole company and its profitability. Amazon is interested in making costs effective and correct use of a products and services. It is important to Amazon that customers’ expectations are satisfied.  This is why they spend much time and money to support their customers.


  1. Have you enjoyed your customer experience with your last order through their website?
  2. Did you get all items during your recent order?
  3. Have you noticed any mistakes or wrong items in orders?
  4. Are you unsatisfied with any other points in service?

Amazon Prime

Eventually, Amazon invented Amazon Prime, a paid subscription service.   Which has got over 80 million paying users.  Amazon Prime provides users with access to free delivery, streaming video/music and other benefits for a monthly or yearly fee. Amazon’s users enjoy many benefits.   Which includes the fastest shipping of the most goods, very often with no additional fee. It has expanded to many new territories in the USA, Europe and other countries around the world. Amazon always does its best to launch new platforms and provide fast delivery services.  Those who are not interested in an extremely fast shipping can choose other options.

Customer Feedback

Amazon company really appreciates its customers. This means that each customer’s feedback is of high importance for the company. Any positive or negative opinion is a valuable source of information. It helps them to improve their service.   Amazon do their best to answer each question very carefully and treat each request with keen attention. Do you need us to forward your call to the Amazon phone number?  Amazon’s employees who deal with customers’ feedbacks and complaints are responsible to check the problem thoroughly and improve the process in the future.  The company is strongly interested in solving problems and preventing regular issues reoccurring.


Amazon is a worldwide company and the largest online retailer in terms of sales. It is a leader in electronic commerce which offers a giant variety of goods.

Amazon has got many separate websites for each country or region, but the purchasing is simple in every country. The company offers any international services at a high level to any country in the world. It is always a success due to constant increasing sales and implementing of modern technical innovations. Amazon as a company grew very fast and became a key player in online sales. Amazon became one of the first companies who started online shopping.

The Amazon website is so comfortable and nice to use that you can easily find anything there. This is why Amazon is such a growing company. Its friendly interface and pleasant service attract many customers.

Amazon Customer Services

In addition, Amazon’s Customer Services are open 24 hours a day.

Amazon Phone Number

We can forward your call to customer services, by using the number below. If you want to underline specific problems please contact them. It can be any question you want to discuss.  They are ready for you to get in touch as soon as possible.

Click to call 0845 459 6217

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Opening Times for Amazon

Amazon customer services are open 24 hours a day.

Do You Have a Question?

Please share your feedback with Amazon by calling their customer services.  We will forward your call to the Amazon phone number. They are ready to answer any questions.  If your item has been delayed, lost or damaged please call them and tell them your comments. If you are having problems with buying an item or while browsing the website, give them feedback and explain the difficulties.

Please let them know by calling them and we will forward your call to the Amazon phone number. Your questions and complaints help them to work better for you. Furthermore, this will contain to improve the customer experience and help Amazon continue to improve its services. Amazon can correct, change and improve all processes for their customers.

Amazon Returns

Need to return a parcel to Amazon?  Please see our article on how to return items and parcels to Amazon.  Our article explains how you can return an items within 30 days or exchange your item if it is damaged.