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EE Customer Services Number

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Click to call 0844 318 3625

Contacting EE

EE customer services are available to speak to 24 hours everyday.  They can assist with a magnitude of enquiries, such as:  sales, new contacts, contact renewals, lost or stolen phones, technical support and bill enquiries.  

How do I activate and setup my EE SIM card?

EE will either post your SIM card to you or provide on in store.  Once you receive it, you must activate it!

Your EE SIM card will come with step-by-step instructions, but sometimes they are not straight forward.  We will help you set-up and active your SIM card and guide you through the process.  Let’s begin!

  1. Take the SIM card holder out of your mobile phone.  If you have difficulty finding or releasing the SIM holder.  Google “How to swap my SIM and the brand and model of your mobile phone”.
  2. On success of releasing your SIM card holder out of your mobile phone.  Look at the size of the holder to the SIM card you have been sent.  Remove the SIM card from the plastic at the correct size for your mobile phone.
  3. Put the SIM card into the holder so it fits perfectly.  There is a notch on one corner so you put it in correctly.
  4. Slide the SIM card holder back into your phone.  Take care not to drop the SIM card out of the holder.  If it is a contract wait up to 24 hours.  If it is a Pay as You Go, top up and make a call.

How do I activate my EE SIM Card?

If your SIM card agreement is on contract.  Just leave the mobile phone up to 24 hours with your new SIM in.  You will know when it is ready because the ‘No Service’ on the mobile phone display, will change to EE.

If you are on a free Pay as You Go.  Make sure you top up your phone number with credit and make a chargeable call.

Please note, if you are using an Apple iPhone or iPad. You may need to refresh your iMessage app.

  • On the device go to Settings > Messages
  • Turn off your iMessage for at least 10 seconds
  • Just check Settings > Phone is showing your phone number

How do I contact EE?

EE is part of BT, the UK’s oldest telecoms network.  EE is now one of the most advance digital mobile phone networks in the United Kingdom, so if you have chosen to use them as your mobile phone contract provider, you can be confident you have made a good choice!

They have outstanding customer service, competitive prices, the latest range of mobile phones and a wide range of plan options.  EE also offer multi service discounts when taking out a number of their services, such as a mobile phone and home broadband.  You can contact EE customer services on 0844 318 3625, we will forward you call to their customer care team.

How can EE customer services help me?

EE customer services are open seven days a week.  Their call centres are largely staffed, that is why it is important to prepare your query before phoning them.  Try to follow the instructions on the phone and make it clear to the operator what you want to achieve once you are through.

  • Starting a new phone contact with EE
  • Transferring to EE with your existing phone number
  • An issue with your EE SIM card
  • Technical support with your phone or the website
  • Poor signal
  • No  or little 4G coverage
  • Making a complaint
  • A question about your EE bill
  • Unknowingly using too much data
  • Needing more or less EE data
  • Getting a new contract phone with EE
  • Going on holiday with your EE phone
  • Report a lost or stolen phone to EE
  • Business contact enquiries
  • Cancelling your EE contract


It is always best to be prepared when contacting customer services, as they will be able to help you quicker and follow their procedures.   If you would like to call them, you can contact them on 0844 318 3625 and we will forward you call.

How do I monitor my data usage on EE?

EE can help you resolve a wide number of problems.  Regular issues that people get upset about to EE involve poor phone signals, technical issues, SIM card activation, but mostly being charged for data.  Has EE sent you a large bill?  The biggest problem that customers complain about is large bills, due to over using data.  Although full terms for data usage are in your contract.  EE can advise you, to prevent a large phone bill again and give you help how to monitor your data usage via the website, texts or their app.


How can I complain to EE?

We all know when making an complaint to a call centre, such as EE, it can feel pointless.  We can help you get a resolve from your complaint and have a higher chance to get a successful result or credit to your phone bill.


What do you wish to complain about?

  • Mobile Phones and Contract by EE
  • EE Home Broadband
  • EE Mobile Broadband
  • Gadget and technical help
  • The EE website
  • High street EE stores


If you would like detailed help on making a complain to EE, try Resolver.  It is a fantastic resource for knowing your rights, making complaints and getting an issue settled quickly and professionally.

EE Customer Services

In addition, EE’s Customer Services are open 8am – 9pm Monday – Friday and 8am – 8pm at the weekends.

Contact Number for O2

We can forward your call to customer services, by using the number below.

Click to call 0844 318 3625

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Customer Services
6 Camberwell Way
Tyne & Wear

EE Opening Times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 9pm
Tuesday 8am 9pm
Wednesday 8am 9pm
Thursday 8am 9pm
Friday 8am 9pm
Saturday 8am 8pm
Sunday 8am 8pm