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The Number Search website provides phone numbers that forwards your call to businesses, companies or organisations.

Our website is a directory of phone numbers that provide a service by forwarding calls to the business, company or organisation you have searched for.  All call charges are subject to a cost per minute, clearly stated on each page, plus the telephone companies access call charge.

Number Search is not affiliated with any of the businesses, companies or organisations on our website or in our directory, and the information found on each page is available on the internet, in the public domain. The telephone numbers used and listed on our website are not the official phone numbers for the companies listed in our directory, but they do connect you to the company you searched for.

Number Search also provides a blogging platform to bring relevant information to our customers.  These blogs and company pages may contain external links.  Whilst, we do our best to always ensure these links are functional and accurate at the time of posting, we cannot control the content on external links or websites if they change.    The use of a link to an external website, does not imply we have any affiliation or endorsement with them.

The phone numbers on the numbersearch.co.uk are regularly checked to make sure they take you to the correct company and department. However, in the event of a telephone number not functioning a full refund will be offered. Please contact us on our about page with full details of the number called, time and date.  We will get in touch for evidence of any call before a refund is given.

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