Which Smart Home Devices & Products?

Google is under the umbrella parent company called Alphabet.
Nest Labs is also under the parent company Alphabet, but it part of ‘Other Bets’ team.

Alphabet has recognised the world of home smart products, voice recognition and automation home devices is growing. The products and integration is getting competitive and everyone is awaiting to see who are going to dominate the market.

What is happening with Nest and Google Home?

Alphabet is currently looking at business strategy, to bring the Nest Labs hardware development and the Google Home hardware development teams together!

The Amazon Dot and Amazon Echo are currently trending.  Their prices are competitive.  They look great.  They are very easy to use.  If you are interested in contacting Amazon to enquire about their Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot products, you can get in contact with Amazon Customer Services them by phoning 0845 459 6217 and we will forward your call.

Apple’s HomePod is also about to launch and the sound quality is expected to be amazing!  The downfall is, Apple’s SIRI currently does not integrate with Nest products.  So you are unable to say…SIRI turn the heating on, if you have a Nest Thermostat.  If you would like to speak to Apple Customer Services, you can phone 0844 318 5842 and we will forward you call.

Nest and Google home will need to get their heads together to compete with Amazon in the smart home devices market.

What can we expect?

A merge of the hardware development teams will bring a wider range of products with better features and technology.  It will also bring together the integration.