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Virgin Media Customer Services

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Virgin Media Customer Services

Virgin Media is a UK company that provides broadband internet, TV boxes and channels, home telephone line and mobile phones and contracts.  The best deals from Virgin Media are the bundle offers and Black Friday deals.

Virgin Media has it’s own fibre-optic cable network through-out the UK.  Their main competition is Sky, BT, EE, O2, TalkTalk and Three.

How do I contact Virgin Media customer services?

Virgin Media are one of the largest multimedia companies in the UK.  They offer broadband internet, TV, home phone and mobile phone services.  Their customer service centres and helpline phone number is always busy.  We can help you speak to one of their advisors by phoning 0845 459 7359, we will forward your call directly to their customer services.

It is ideal to speak to the Virgin Media customer services if you have a query relating to your account or bill.  Alternately, Virgin Media can help explain to you about all their services, so you can keep your multimedia all under one company.

It is good advise to be prepared before contacting Virgin Media.  Have your landline number or customer number ready before calling.  Keep your secret password in a safe place, so when they ask you for certain digits from your password, there are no delays in speaking to the Virgin customer services.

What can Virgin Media help me with?

Virgin Media customer services is a hub of departments and information.  When calling, create a list of everything you wish to make an enquiry about.  You may need to switch from one department to another, so a specialist team member can help you.  It is always useful, whilst on the phone to Virgin Media, that you enquire about an additional service that would save you money.  For example, ask them about their latest mobile phone offer.

Suggestions on how Virgin Media can help you:

  • Billing problem
  • Technical help
  • Getting a new mobile
  • Starting a new mobile phone contract with Virgin Media
  • Moving home
  • Problems with your TV box Tivo or V6
  • Slow internet with Virgin Media
  • Upgrade or downgrade your services
  • Cancelling Virgin Media
  • Make a complaint to Virgin Media

Do you need technical help with your Virgin Media?

If you need to speak to the technical support at Virgin Media, tell the operator as soon as you get through to them that you need technical help. 

Technical problems can include:

  • Slow internet
  • Internet not connecting
  • Noisy phone line
  • Problem with your TV box
  • Tivo issues
  • WI-FI signal
  • TV sound problems
  • Mobile phone weak signal

How to get the best deals on Virgin Mobile

Virgin Media are always generous with their mobile phone deals.  They offer deals on both mobile phones on contract and SIM only pay monthly or Pay as You Go.  In additional, Virgin Media often offer free gadgets with some of their mobile phone contracts, such as a free tablet or iPad.

If you would like to see Virgin Mobile’s latest deals, you can view their offers on the url below.  If you see something you are interested, why not give them a call and get more details.

What is Virgin TV Anywhere?

The Virgin Media TV Anywhere is an app you can put free of charge on any of your devices, such as on your iPad or tablet.  You must have a Virgin Media TV account at home so you can log into the app using your Virgin account details.  The app is available from the Apple App Store, the TV Anywhere website, Google Play or on Kindle Fire apps.

TV Anywhere allows you to watch your Virgin TV on your device, when you are away from home.  Or simply when using a device in another room, such as in your bedroom.  You can only watch the TV channels you are subscribed to.  So if you have sport channels on your package at home, then you will be able to watch these channels on your TV Anywhere app.

If you need help setting up your TV Anywhere or have a question or query on how to view the channels on your app.  Phone 0845 459 7359 and we will forward your call to a member of their team.

What is the best Virgin Media bundle?

As a general rule.  The best Virgin Media bundle is always the latest one!  Often deals will only last for a certain length of time, usually the first six months of your contract.  Then you will start paying the standard rate for your agreement.  We advise that you keep a record of when your contract with Virgin Media started, when it is due to end and what rates you are paying.  

As soon as you are able to renew your contract, visit their website for the latest deals and give them a ring.  The best options to select on the phone are ‘if you are thinking of leaving us’.  This will put your through to retentions, who can offer you the best savings.  Be knowledge about their latest deals on their website, but do not quote them on any deals until you have spoken to retentions.  Listen to the offers made by retentions first.  If they cannot beat the online offers, then quote them on which deal you want.

Bundles normally consist of:

  • Your TV channels and box Tivo or V6
  • An extra TV V6 box in another room
  • Movie channels
  • Sport channels
  • Netflix subscription
  • High speed fibre internet broadband
  • Phone calls at the weekends
  • Phone calls anytime
  • International and mobile calls

Virgin Media Customer Services

In addition, the Virgin Media customer service is open Monday – Saturday 8am – 5pm and  closed on Sundays.

Virgin Media Customer Services

Our phone number can forward your call to the Virgin Media customer services.

Click to call 0845 459 7359

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Virgin Media Head Office
Communications House
Bartley Wood Business Park
RG27 9UP

Virgin Media Opening Times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 5pm
Tuesday 8am 5pm
Wednesday 8am 5pm
Thursday 8am 5pm
Friday 8am 5pm
Saturday 8am 5pm
Sunday Closed Closed