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Sky Phone Number

We will forward you call to Sky to speak to their customer service about your TV, broadband or phone.
Click to call 0845 257 3649

How to Cancel Sky

Previously, always been difficult to cancel and obtain the Sky phone number for cancelations, with much time wasted for the customer trying to unsubscribe.   Furthermore, it raised so many complaints that Ofcom were compelled to mediate.  As a result, a full examination was completed by the valiant corporate writers at The Telegraph, the UK’s leading daily paper, which consequently reasoned that Sky’s obstructive cancelation practices were surely obstructive and customers could not get the Sky phone number, with their focus being on retention at any cost. A positive result was achieved, and consequently Sky have since refreshed their cancelation arrangement to make it more open and accessible to the majority, with diminished accentuation on catching and disappointing customers, and more accentuation set on enabling clients to get the Sky phone number, to leave of their own through and through freedom at whatever point they do as such.

If you would like cancel your Sky or speak to someone about canceling.  Just ring our cancelations number and you will be put through to the Sky staff most ready to help you with your issues.  Obviously, they will initially endeavor to hold you as a customer, putting you through to retentions, who will then endeavor to determine the issues which have prompted your cancelation.

Our Sky phone number is 0845 257 1537. You can speak to Sky’s cancelation team on this number.

About Sky UK

Sky UK Limited (once in the past British Sky Broadcasting Limited, BSkyB and Sky) is a media communications company.  It provides services to the United Kingdom. Sky offers TV, internet and broadband services to peoples homes and businesses.  Sky is one of the UK’s largest TV channels provider with 11 million homes installed with Sky TV boxes.  Furthermore, Its head offices are in Isleworth.

The company was formed in November 1990 by a merger between Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting, creating the UK’s largest digital TV subscription service in the UK at that time.  As a result, Sky’s 2014 procurement of Sky Italia and a larger part 90.04%  interest in Sky Deutschland in November 2014, its holding company British Sky Broadcasting Group plc changed its name to Sky plc. Consequently, the UK side of the company changed it’s name from British Sky Broadcasting Limited to Sky UK Limited, company known as just Sky.  You can call Sky customer services 24 hours a day.

Sky UK Services

Sky offers a number of services.  Offering TV channels and premium channels for movies and sport.

Digital TV

A wide selection of TV packages and premium channels.

Phone Calls

A selection of national and international call packages.

Sky Broadband

Sky’s superfast fibre board band packages.

TV on Demand

Delivering digital movies, boxsets and TV catch-up.

Sky Mobile

Offering monthly contact or pay-n-go mobile tariffs.

Sky Go

Sky on game consoles, such as Xbox and Playstation

Sky Products


Standard digital TV boxes.

Sky Q boxes

1TB, 2TB and Mini.

Sky 4K TV

2TB 4K Digiboxes.


Free with any subscription.

Sky+ HD

Delivering HD quality channels.

Sky 3D

Delivering 3D movies & TV.

Sky’s Premier League Football Matches

During the late 1991, there was much debate about the broadcast rights for Premier League for the next five years, starting from the 1992 season. ITV had full rights for broadcasting, and wanted to maintain full rights. ITV had increased their yearly offer substantially, from 18 million to 34 million, so they could maintain the control of the broadcasting.   Relevantly, BSkyB united with the BBC to make a counter offer to the broadcasting right for the Premier League.  In conclusion, the BBC was granted the ability to broadcast the highlights on the majority of the matches and consequently, BSkyB paid £304m for the Premier League broadcasting rights for up to 60 live matches, up to 60 every year.

Sky’s Multichannels Subscriptions

In September 1993, Sky offered its customers the Sky Multichannels subscription package.  This gave customers channels from third party broadcasters, in addition to the Sky channels.  The service closed in 2001 in conjunction with the closure of BSkyS’s analogue service and the move to Sky digital.  However, within the first few months, Sky gained a massive customer base of over 400k new customers.  As a result, Sky then was installed in over 3.5 million homes in 1994.

Moving from Analogue to Sky Digital

Sky official moved to digital in 1998, using the name Sky Digital.  Moving to digital allows the service to to improve sound and picture quality and more importantly, an increases number of channels offered to its customers.  Within the first 30 days of Sky digital, over 100 thousand digiboxes was sold, which led to the key decision in 1999, of Sky giving away future digiboxes and minidisks with their services.

Sky Customer Services

Conveniently, Sky’s customer service number is open 7am – 11pm, every day of the week.

Sky Cancelations Team

In addition, you can speak to Sky’s cancelation team 7am – 11pm, every day of the week.

Sky Phone Number

We can forward your call to customer services, by using the number below.

Click to call 0845 257 3649

Sky Cancelations Team

We can forward your call to Sky’s cancelation team, by using the number below.

Click to call 0845 257 1537

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Sky Customer Services Address
Sky Headoffice
Grant Way
Sky Customer Services
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD

Opening Times for Sky

Day Opens Closes
Monday 7am 11pm
Tuesday 7am 11pm
Wednesday 7am 11pm
Thursday 7am 11pm
Friday 7am 11pm
Saturday 7am 11pm
Sunday 7am 11pm