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Asda Customer Services Phone Number

We will forward you call to the Asda head office for customer services
Click to call 0845 459 6240

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Adsa is one of the UKs leading supermarkets.  You can go to most towns in the UK and you will always find an Asda.  The head quarters for Asda is in Leeds.  The company was formed in 1965.  It became a subsidiary of Walmart in a £6.7 billion takeover in 1999.   Asda offers a number of services as well as the supermarkets it offers, petrol, clothes, financial services and phone number networks.

How do I contact Asda about online shopping?

You can reach ASDA Supermarket by using our contact number for Asda supermarket on this page. We will forward your call directly to the company, and you will receive information on how to go about your online shopping and delivery.

Online shopping helps you only buy the items you need to buy and saves you time and money.  However, sometimes things go wrong and you need to make a complaint to Asda. It is important that you contact Asda when your online shopping has a problem.  As over a year the savings you are refunded from errors will help you buy them essential items when you budget is stretched, such as at Christmas or in the summer holidays.

Asda will always endeavour to give you extraordinary value each day and provides butchers and bakers, and even baggers who carry out your groceries all the time. Asda is glad to help. If you want to make inquiries or need help, just ask.

Asda Customer Services

ASDA offer quality groceries, drug store, party nourishments, bread shop, deli, floral, coupons, and recipes. From the earliest starting point, Asda emphasis has been on her customers. Indeed, Asda doesn’t call them customers; but call them “Visitors” since that is the manner by which Asda need everybody who walks into their doors to feel – like a visitor in our home. At Asda, they make a special effort to offer unparalleled support to each guest who enters our door.

Asda enthusiastic Team Members are devoted to providing every Guest with a stunning service.  However, occasionally things go wrong and you need to speak to Asda to make a complaint.  You can contact Asda by ringing the number on this page and we will forward your call directly to Asda’s head office.

What fresh products does Asda sell?

Asda Fruit and Vegetables

Get new natural products, veggies, and herbs from cherished local farms

ASDA in the UK is a delightful, living greenhouse.  All your local Asda stores are filled with locally grown vegetables, ready to be cooked for you and your family. With years of experience in the UK farming industry, Asda know how to pick the freshest produce, with the best flavours, and at the ideal season. Asda embrace great responsibility to the customers, Asda partners, and the environment any time Asda is sourcing for her fresh produce. At whatever point conceivable, Asda source this produce from farms and orchards, giving the customers a chance to help different suppliers from the local community. Asda collaborate with the families and farms that have reaped the land for ages since they know what Asda customers love and share her commitment to amazing quality.

If you would like to recommend a local supplier to Asda, you can give head office a call by phoning 0845 459 6240 and we will forward your call.

Asda Deli

Are you busy and have no time to cook? You are in the right place. Asda store is about meal solution: family-tried, hot-to-go arranged meals that make putting supper on the table the most straightforward thing you’ve done throughout the day!

Asda Bakery

After a cross-country baker shop tour, Asda comes back into their kitchen with full bellies and new motivation for these delightful formulas. Now it’s your time to do the testing.

Make a complaint about Asda home delivery?

Asda is a well-known supermarket for home delivery service.  However, sometimes you have have an issue with an Asda delivery.  You don’t need to stress or worry,  Asda want you to have a satisfactory delivery service and if it is not, they want to help resolve your complaint.   Asda have a first-class home delivery services that involves swapping your products for alternative products when the item you have ordered cannot be delivered by Asda.  Therefore, Asda assures you, they will always do their best to give you a good online shopping experience.

Please click the number on this page if your goods are not delivered on time, and we will forward your call.

Do I make a complaint to Asda?

No room for assumption, Asda supermarket customer care representatives are always glad to respond to your call. The ideal method of making the complaint to Asda is to give them a call. If you call our number for Asda supermarket, we will forward your call to their customer service agent at their head office right away. If you wish to submit Asda supermarket complaint or Contact their Customer care representative to make a complaint or give the response. We can surely help you with Asda customer care representative contact.

You can also write to Head Office Complaints:

Great Wilson Street,
LS11 5AD

Include in your complaint any dates or evidence.  A full explanation as to what the nature of the complaint is.  It is important to keep the receipt if the complaint is about a product.

Asda Customer Services

Asda head office is available from 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.

Asda Head Office Customer Service Phone Number

We can forward your call to customer services, by using the number below.

Click to call 0845 459 6240

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Great Wilson Street,
LS11 5AD

Asda Head Office

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9am 5pm
Tuesday 9am 5pm
Wednesday 9am 5pm
Thursday 9am 5pm
Friday 9am 5pm