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TNT Customer Services UK

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TNT UK Customer Services

TNT Express is a courier service that delivers within a country or world-wide.  As expected, they offer a door to door collection and delivery service and operates deliveries using over 40 planes to deliver to over 70 designations across Europe every night!  TNT is a subsidiary company of FedEx.

There are two components to TNT Express and Mail.  There delivery system is fast and simplistic.  All parcels are picked up and taken to a warehouse within your nearest major city.  The parcels are then sorted and sent to a warehouse closest to the destination address.  Where a local courier will take the parcel to the recipients address.

How do I contact the TNT customer services in the UK?

You can call TNT during business hours during the week.  TNT accept calls from public and business deliveries.  Most queries can be dealt with quickly.  Including lost parcels or late parcels.  If you need help tracking a delivery or parcel, just speak to their customer services and they will help locate your delivery and let you know when it is estimated to arrive.

If you want to speak to someone directly to have a conversation about your parcel, you can get an immediate response during business hours if you phone 0845 459 7364, and we will forward your call.  Alternatively, you can write to the TNT head office in the UK or ring them to ask for a direct email to the department you want to deal with.

What services do TNT offer in the UK?

TNT is one of the world’s biggest courier and delivery companies.  They have over 56 thousand employees across 61 countries.  TNT work hard to successfully handle over a million deliveries….everyday!  It takes them over 750 air flights to complete the task in their well executed system.

How can TNT help you or your business:

  • Parcel shipping deliveries
  • International shipping
  • Critical deliveries
  • Same day deliveries
  • Liability insurance
  • Importation services
  • Freight shipping
  • Full commercial invoicing
  • Customs paperwork
  • Index based fuel charges on shipping
  • Special handling
  • Easy online account
  • Document courier
  • Integrated software solutions
  • Pallet deliveries
  • Irregular items
  • Stationary supplies
  • Customs support
  • Automotive logistics
  • High-tech and electric supply chains
  • Construction and industrial logistics
  • Fashion and beauty distribution
  • Track and trace
  • Health care logistics
  • GPS tracking
  • eCommerce deliveries

TNT track my parcel

TNT’s customer services can help you with any concerns about a parcel.  Their fully digitalised system can locate the status on your parcel and let you know what is happening next.

You can speak to their customer services if you have a query about any of the following:

  • I cannot find my package when I use the online Track and Trace
  • My shipment number is bringing up shipment that do not belong to me
  • I have missed a delivery, how do I get my parcel re-delivered?
  • I have a question about my delivery
  • How do I prove that the parcel I sent was delivered?
  • When will my parcel be delivered for?

What is myTNT?

With the myTNT online account, you can quickly and easily arrange parcel deliveries.  It makes regular deliveries fast and simple, as you can register a collection address, a payment method and regular delivery locations that you wish to redeliver to.

Just call their customer services today, to arrange your myTNT account for personal or business.

How do I label my TNT parcel?

It is important to correctly label your TNT parcel.  The label is the only identity of your parcel.  If the label is lost on the outside, TNT will need to open your parcel to get the label that is inside, so they know who the parcel belongs to and where it is being delivered.

To ensure the safety and delivery of your parcel:

  • Remove any old labels from the packaging
  • Never stick new labels on top of old ones
  • Use sticky label sheets if possible to print your labels
  • If you need to use paper, use a document pouch
  • If you don’t have a document pouch, ask your driver
  • ALWAYS add a duplicate label inside your parcel
  • Place your label on a flat surface
  • Do not put tape over any information on the label

Can TNT deliver my eBay items?

TNT is not just for large businesses.  They also support small businesses and home businesses.  TNT value their eCommerce customers and work hard to provide a cost effective solution for online sales such as eBay and Esty.

TNT understands that with online sales such a delivery service for eBay, your feedback is essential.  Finding a good courier, is important to the reviews you receive on your online shop.  TNT offer a Pay as You Go service, where you just pay for the deliveries you request as and when you need.  Even better they have a direct link with your eBay sellers account.


TNT Customer Services UK

In addition, the TNT customer service is open Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm, and closed at the weekend.

TNT Customer Services UK

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