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ESA Phone Number for Employment Support Allowance

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ESA Phone Number for Employment Support Allowance

ESA is a government benefit to help support you if you cannot work due to illness or disability.  There are two types of ESA, contributions based and income related.  You can claim ESA, even if other people in your household are earning money.

The quickest way to claim ESA, is to call them.  One of their team will take all your details and start the application process for you.

What is ESA and Universal Credit?

There are two different benefits to claim money if you have an illness or disability that effects your ability to work.   Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Universal Credit.  The difference between the two depends on your income and savings.

  • Contribution-based ESA is for people that are working or have worked in the last two years.
  • Universal Credit is for people that cannot work or have very low income as a result of their illness or disability.

To be eligible to get ESA or Universal Credit, you need to have difficulties working because of your illness or disability.

Can I claim ESA or Universal Credit?

If you or your partner work more than 24 hours a week, you cannot claim Universal Credit, but you could claim contribution based ESA.

You cannot claim contributions based ESA if you or your partner claim Statutory Sick Pay, Universal Credit or Jobseekers Allowance.  This is because the ESA would replace these benefits.  Please speak to the ESA helpline, if you or your partner claim these benefits, but you believe you should be getting ESA instead.

If your savings are above £6,000, you cannot claim Universal Credit.

If your partner works, but you cannot due to your illness or disability, you can claim contributions based ESA.

Can I work while claiming Contributions Based ESA?

You can work whist claiming contributions based ESA, but only if the work is one of the following permissions:

  • Working as a councillor
  • Work as a member of a First Tier Tribunal
  • Caring for someone that lives with you
  • Work done while becoming self-employed
  • Voluntary work
  • Unpaid work experience authorised by DWP
  • Medical trials (up to £120 a week)
  • Supported work (up to £120 a week)
  • Any work (up to £120 a week if you work less that 16 hours)

Help claiming ESA

So many people do not get awarded benefits they could be entitled to, just because they did not put the most important information on their form.  It is vital, to understand the form when applying for ESA.

The best resource for help on completing your ESA form is the Citizens Advise organisation.  They provide information on filling each sentiment of the form and explain in detail what each question means.  They also provide examples to help you understand how to interpret you response.

What kind of medical evidence should I provide with my claim?

It is crucial to send full medical evidence with your ESA claim form.  Do not rush sending your form off without obtaining the medical evidence to support your claim first.  Any illness or disability you have described on the form, should be supported by medical evidence.

Some examples of the type of medical evidence you could provide are:

  • A copy of your prescription medication
  • Investigation results, such as X-rays and scans
  • Hospital reports or discharge letters
  • Care plans provided by a medical specialist
  • A letter from your specialist
  • Any letters from the mental health team
  • Letters from a social worker
  • Any report about your illness or disability from a medical expert
  • Any report or letter that describes how your condition has got worse
  • Evidence of any new surgery or treatment

How can I appeal about an ESA decision?

There are three main reasons for appealing the award of your contributions based ESA.

  • Being put in the work related activity group and not the support group
  • Not being awarded any ESA or Universal Credits
  • Getting sanctioned

There are two stages to completing a full appeal, so do not be deterred at the first stage not being successful.  As with many benefits, you need to put a strong case across to get the result you feel you are entitled to.

Stage one – Mandatory Reconsideration

The first stage is asking the DWP to have another look at your claim.  This is called the ‘mandatory reconsideration’.  You have to ask for this before you can appeal against their decision properly.  To ask for the mandatory reconsideration just phone on 0844 567 7803 and we forward your call.  If you did not get a statement of reasons, ask for this to be sent to you.  It is advised, that you follow this call with a letter and more medical evidence to support your claim.

Stage two – Appeal to the Independent Tribunal

Prepare for your tribunal.  Research the law and the ESA requirements.  It is vital that you provide evidence in addition to the evidence that you have already provided to support the reasons why you believe you should be entitled to ESA.  It is ideal if yo can get help or a representative that understands the ESA benefit.

Some tips to help you with your ESA appeal:

  • Speak to your medical professionals about evidence you need to support your claim
  • Speak to the Citizen Advise
  • Get as much information as you can about your claim from the DWP
  • Understand the ESA benefit eligibility and scoring system
  • Write a statement for the tribunal hearing

ESA Phone Number

In addition, the ESA phone number is open Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm,  but closed at the weekends.

Phone Number for ESA

Our phone number can forward your call to ESA.

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(The ESA address is just one line)

ESA Opening Times

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