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Eon Phone Number for Customer Services

We will forward you call to the E.ON phone number for their customer services
Click to call 0845 459 2104

Eon Phone Number for Customer Services

The E.ON phone number on our page will forward your call to their customer services team.  Eon provide energy to homes and businesses.  They also offer other services such as energy solutions, Smart Metres and help and support.  E.ON are one of the UK’s leading energy suppliers, providing gas and electric throughout the UK.

They make it very easy to switch your energy to their tariff.  Just go to their homepage click the ‘get a quote’ link.  E on provide capped tariffs, fixed tariffs, prepayment tariffs, standard variable tariffs and pay as you go tariffs.

How do I contact Eon customer services?

Contact E.ON customer services by ringing 0845 459 2104 and we will forward your call.  The Eon helpline has fantastic customer support and can help you resolve your bill or switch energy suppliers.

You can access your Eon account online.  If you would like help accessing this or logging in to your account, please contact their customer help line and they will assist you on managing your account online.  If you would like to stay with Eon, but you would like them to check you are on the best tariff for your usage.  Give them a call with your latest bill information to hand.

How do I get an Eon Smart Meter?

For some people, getting a smart meter installed into your home is a simple solution to managing your energy bills.  There are a number of benefits to getting a smart metre and they are no hassle to install.  Just give the Eon customers services a call using the number on on this page and they will let you know if you are eligible to have one fitted.

If you would like to get a Pay as You Go meter, prepay meter or smart meter installed in your home, please contact Eon.  You can phone 0845 459 2104 and we will forward your call to the Eon customer services phone number.  They can help and advise you on having a Pay as You Go meter, prepay meter or smart meter installed.

Reasons to switch to a Pay As You Go Energy™ with British Gas are:

  • Know exactly how much money you are spending on energy each day
  • You can control your heating with the wireless controller
  • Metre reading are submitted to Eon automatically via your wireless
  • Lower your energy usage or monitor when and why it is high

Video by E.ON Energy UK on Youtube

How do I make a complaint to Eon?

If you are not satisfied with any part of the Eon services or have a issue with something, please contact Eon using the phone number provided on this page and we will forward your call to a member of their team.

Eon are passionate about correcting any errors and will be proactive about putting any issues right.  They will aim to give you a satisfactory result, while you are on the phone.  They have a dedicated resolution team who can help you with your Eon problem.  The resolution team will aim to identify the problem, put the mistake right, apologise, offer an explanation or compensate you for your time and losses.

Should Eon not be able to resolve your problem or complaint while you are on the phone, they will resolve 9/10 complaints with two days.  If they cannot resolve your issue within two days, they are most likely to have it resolved within three weeks.  In the rare case they do not, they should tell you why.  If they don’t make sure you give them a call and ask for an internal review of your case.

Eon Phone Number

Currently, the E.ON phone number is open 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday and 8am – 6pm on Saturdays.

Phone Number for Eon

Our phone number can forward your call to customer services.

Click to call 0845 459 2104

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Customer Service Centre
PO Box 7750

E on Opening Times

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Monday 8am 8pm
Tuesday 8am 8pm
Wednesday 8am 8pm
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Saturday 8am 6pm
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