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British Gas Phone Number for Customer Services

We will forward you call to the British Gas phone number for their customer services
Click to call 0844 318 7541

British Gas Phone Number for Customer Services

The British Gas phone number on our page with forward your call to their customer services team.  British gas provide energy to homes and businesses.  They also offer other services such as Homecare, Smart Metres and help and support.

They make it very easy to switch your energy to their tariff.  Just go to their homepage and put in your postcode.

How do I contact British Gas customer services?

Contact British Gas customer services by ringing 0844 318 7541and we will forward your call.  The British Gas helpline has fantastic customer support and can help you resolve your bill or switch energy suppliers.

You can access your British Gas account online.  If you would like help accessing this or logging in to your account, please contact their customer help line and they will assist you on managing your account online.  If you would like to stay with British Gas, but you would like them to check you are on the best tariff for your usage.  Give them a call with your latest bill information to hand.

How do I get a Pay as You Go meter?

For some people, getting a Pay as You Go meter, prepay meter or smart meter installed into your home is a simple solution to managing your energy bills.  You can also use a Pay as You Go meter to pay off existing energy bills debt.  

If you would like to get a Pay as You Go meter, prepay meter or smart meter installed in your home, please contact your energy supplier.  You can phone 0844 318 7541 and we will forward your call to the British Gas customer services phone number.  They can help and advise you on having a Pay as You Go meter, prepay meter or smart meter installed.

  • Reasons to switch to a Pay As You Go Energy™ with British Gas are:
  • Know exactly how much money you are spending on energy each day
  • Spread the cost of your energy payments to suit yourself
  • You can pay back energy bill debt using your Pay As You Go Energy™ meter
  • You can top-up you meter easily and quickly
  • There are lots of options where and how you top up your meter

How do I switch to British Gas?

Switching your energy supplier to British Gas couldn’t be simpler. Just call their helpline and they will assist you in choosing the best tariff for your needs.

You can also speak to their customer services team, if you are unsure if you would save money on your energy bills.  Just have your bill to hand from your current energy supplier and British Gas will ask you for the figures on the bill, including your annual predicted energy consumption.  From these figures, they can work out if you would save money each month by switching to them as your energy supplier.

What is British Gas HomeCare?

British Gas HomeCare is  a package they offer that can cover the costs of your gas central heating boiler repairs, heating, plumbing and even your kitchen appliances.

You should call British Gas and ask for their HomeCare services if you need help with the following:

  • General enquiries
  • Heating system breakdowns
  • Joining British Gas HomeCare
  • Book an annual inspection of your boiler
  • Repairing your boiler
  • Replacing your boiler
  • HomeCare for my business premises
  • Cancelling HomeCare
  • Make a complaint

You can write to the HomeCare team on:

HomeCare Membership Office
Murdoch House
Bothwell Road
G71 7UD

It is good to know that British Gas will help you with the repair of your boiler, even if you are not part of their HomeCare scheme.   If you would like to call them, you can contact them on 0844 318 7541 and we will forward you call.

How can I save money on my gas and electric?

British Gas offers advise on ways to save energy and lower your bills.  If you call their customer services phone number, they will send you out some information in the post.  They provide helpful information about saving energy, such as switching all your light bulbs to LED bulbs.  This one change alone can save you around £240 a year and lower your carbon footprint.  The added bonus of using LED build is they last much longer, so no more putting up with a blown light bulb.

British Gas will also give you information about solar energy, loft and wall insulation and the benefit of having new windows with energy saving properties.

How can I complain to British Gas?

Calling British Gas to raise a complaint is quick and easy.  As soon as the phone operator comes on the phone, them then you wish to make a complaint and what about.  Do not give any details until you are speaking to the correct department.  It is always advised that you follow up any telephone complaint, with a written letter.

What do you wish to complain about?

  • British Gas bill complaints
  • Pay as You Go high rate
  • HomeCare complaints
  • Business energy complaints
  • Engineer or staff complaints

British Gas Phone Number

In addition, the British Gas phone number is open 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday and 8am – 6pm at the weekends.

Phone Number for British Gas

Our phone number can forward your call to customer services.

Click to call 0844 318 7541

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PO Box 226
S98 1PB

British Gas Opening Times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 8pm
Tuesday 8am 8pm
Wednesday 8am 8pm
Thursday 8am 8pm
Friday 8am 8pm
Saturday 8am 6pm
Sunday 8am 6pm